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Level Song Artist MP3
5 Pismo Beach Charlie Rockit
0 Little Pink Houses John Mellancamp
0 Authority Song John Mellencamp
0 Black Magic Woman Santana
0 Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
0 Brown Sugar Rolling Stones
0 Family Tradition Hank Williams Jr.
0 Good Times Bad Times Led Zeppelin
0 Hard to Handle Black Crows
0 Heart Aches by the Numbers Dwight Yoakam
0 Hurt So Good John Mellencamp
0 Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots
0 Love Me Two Times Doors
0 Luckenbach Texas Waylon Jennings
0 Margaritaville Jimmy Buffet
0 Plush Stone Temple Pilots
0 Pretty Woman Van Halen
0 Rebel Yell Billy Idol
0 Rock and Roll Led Zeppelin
0 Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix
0 White Wedding Billy Idol
0 Wild Nights John Mellancamp
0 You Really Got Me Van Halen
0 It Won't Hurt Dwight Yoakam
0 Call Me the Breeze Lynyrd Skynyrd
0 All Right Now Free
0 Fire (Version 2) Jimi Hendrix
0 Hurt So Good (Eb Tuning) John Mellancamp
0 Rock and Roll (Eb Tuning) Led Zeppelin
0 You Really Got Me (Eb Tuning) Van Halen
1 Eruption (Eb Tuning) Van Halen
0 Dance the Night Away (Eb Tuning) Van Halen
0 Good Times Bad Times (Eb Tuning) Led Zepplin
0 Ain't Talking Bout Love (Eb Tuning) Van Halen
0 Pretty Woman (Eb Tuning) Van Halen
0 Shook Me All Night (Eb Tuning) ACDC
0 Crazy Train (Eb Tuning) Ozzy Osborne

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