Music Alert System

Microband Music Alert System

3D Model shown. Patent Pending

Microband has developed the Microband X10 Music Alert System to alert users, bartenders and Music Technicians during a Live Performance.  The System consists of four beacon lights green, blue, yellow and red. Each color indicates a different alert.  An X10 transmitter, receivers and remotes allow wireless remote control of the system.

Green, Tip Alert Indicates a Tip has been received by the bartender or by the Microband Tip Jar. A Bubble machine can be added for extra effects.

Blue, Special Alert indicates drink specials are available. Contact your bartender while the light is on for information.

Yellow, Loudness Alert indicates the music is too loud and requires adjustment.

Red, General Emergency Alert Indicates that there is a possible emergency in the bar.  Can also be used when an item has been "Lost or Found" or to indicate "Last Call".

  X10 Transmitter, remote and receiver allows remote control of the Microband Music Alert System.

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